Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

We ask you to complete and submit this form as it is the first step in a dialogue with you about the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard. Once submitted, we will contact you by email to confirm receipt and advise you on the next steps in the process. Thank you for your time as we look forward to beginning this discussion with you on Advanced Leadership.

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Criteria for Advanced Leadership Fellows

  • Accomplished individuals with 20-25 years in their profession and a record of sustained leadership and innovation
  • Making a transition to a next phase: dedicated to contributing to society by helping find and deploy solutions to critical problems
  • Aspiring to big impact through projects, ventures, or leadership roles in, for example, public education, public health, the environment (note: impact is key, whether activities are community-based, national, or global)
  • Feel they can benefit from Harvard's intellectual resources (whether they are already involved in such projects or are seeking new directions) and from interaction with peers with similar goals
  • Will not undertake any conflicting major affiliations, such as regular employment during the fellowship. AL Fellows may not hold another Harvard appointment.
  • Can make a commitment to a rigorous but flexible program of activities, with some time in residence at Harvard, including mentoring students and helping peers

Timetable for the 2015 A.L. Fellowship Year

Spring and Summer 2014
Selection of Advanced Leadership Fellows

Fall 2014
Individual communication with Fellows

December 2014
Introduction to Harvard - Fellows and spouses/partners

January 2015
Arrive on campus; define and begin course audit(s)

February 2015
AL Core Course; Fellow-led study groups begin; course audits

March 2015
AL Core Course; study groups; Think Tank #1; course audits

April 2015
AL Core Course; study groups; Think Tank #2; course audits

May 2015
AL Core Course concludes; course audits end; study groups end for the semester; Cross Cohort Exchange and past fellows reunion held on campus

June 2015
Field immersion or Global Conference; Fellows' retreat

July-August 2015
Off campus independent study and field research

September - October 2015
Research and refine plans; peer and student mentoring; course audit(s)

November 2015
Advanced Leadership Symposium with Fellows' presentations

Time in residence will be at Fellow's discretion, but the general expectation will be at least one 4-month term on campus for at least 12 days per month that includes participation in the weekly Core Course and Think Tanks offered during the Spring 2015 term.