Reversing the Losing Streak on Sesame Street

May 18, 2017

When CEO Jeffrey Dunn took over Sesame Street in 2014 and made a licensing arrangement with HBO, many people were skeptical this would take the program in the right direction. But with a new mission to, “Make kids smarter, stronger, and kinder,” and a lot more innovation, it seems the opposite is in the works. Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who wrote the case with Assistant Professor Ryan Raffaelli, talks about reversing a losing streak with new partnerships and in the process determining how to answer foundational questions like, “Who are we if we make this deal?”

A Smarter Approach to Infrastructure

April 5, 2017

Suneel Kamlani is a senior Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University. He is the former co-CEO of markets for Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC and chief operating officer of UBS Investment Bank.  

Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Announces 2017 Fellows

December 15, 2016

46 global leaders selected for a yearlong fellowship to solve significant social problems

Cambridge, MA – December 15, 2016 The Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) at Harvard University announced the selection of 46 ALI Fellows to take part in its intensive, multi-disciplinary program.

ALI taps the experience of a socially conscious generation of accomplished leaders and provides them with tools to address complex challenges. These Read more about Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Announces 2017 Fellows

PBS NewsHour: Helping baby boomers find a meaningful second act

May 19, 2016

PBS NewsHour national broadcast on ALI, its Fellows and their impact: click here to view.

Millions of Baby Boomer bosses across the nation are nearing retirement age, but an innovative new fellowship program at Harvard Business School aims to give them a second act. The Advanced Leadership Initiative helps former executives bring their professional acumen to bear on a range of social issues, from affordable food to an ebola vaccine. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports.