WBUR: Harvard Professor On Reinventing American Transportation

May 27, 2015

Harvard Business School Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter wanted to write a book about leadership. But every time she left her house, she couldn’t ignore America’s ailing transportation system: congested roads, crumbling bridges, slow trains and endless air traffic delays.

Boston Globe: Public transportation can be a ride out of poverty

May 26, 2015

When policy makers talk about solutions to inequality, they usually focus on education and jobs. But this conversation largely ignores the need for improved transportation infrastructure to provide access to these jobs and schools. Through better transportation, American cities can provide opportunities for millions to escape poverty. Yet infrastructure improvement wanes, with Washington unable to do anything despite bipartisan support.

Boston Globe: Nonprofit grocery store set to open in Dorchester

May 22, 2015

2010 AL Fellow/2011 Senior AL Fellow Doug Rauch's Daily Table on Washington Street in Dorchester looks like a boutique supermarket, but unlike Whole Foods and Star Market, the new business isn’t built on profit margins or sales growth.Daily Table bills itself as the first not-for-profit grocery store in the country with a mission to provide nutritious and affordable meals for low-income families. 

St. Louis American: Creating stronger paths for health and learning for children

May 21, 2015

Beginning with pregnancy and continuing until the child is ready to enter the third grade, health, education and community support organizations are collaborating to give moms and their new babies a greater bond while boosting the child’s development. It’s Raising St. Louis, a program launched in January 2014 only in select zip codes. “Our primary long-term goal is meaningful improvement in health and school outcome by third grade,” said Thomas Santel, 2011 AL Fellow and lead developer of Raising St. Louis. 

Marketplace on NPR: America's Infrastructure isn't sexy

May 19, 2015

America's infrastructure has fallen behind other nations. Highways are congested. Bridges are crumbling. Flights are delayed. Clearly, we need a solution. Harvard Business School Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter identifies the hallmarks of successful transportation systems and explains the work being done to address these issues in her new book "Move: Putting America's Infrastructure Back in the Lead."