Selection Criteria & Process

The process of identifying promising candidates begins approximately a year in advance and continues over 6-9 months in several rounds. Interested candidates may opt in at anytime, including late in the process. Selection is done by a Faculty Selection Committee representing diverse parts of Harvard University.

Distinctive features include:

  • The ALI Fellowship is for top leaders with at least 20 years of leadership experience in any field or profession wanting to make (or continue to make) a significant difference in the world as they move on to a new life phase.
  • The Harvard affiliation is for a calendar year, January-December, not an academic year. Most of the formal program occurs in the first four months on campus, with individual flexibility and project work for the remainder of the year.
  • Distinguished faculty from many fields lead the core program, and areas of the University are open for course audits (with faculty permission). ALI Fellows audit up to two courses.
  • ALI Fellows work closely together as a strong peer group and provides a valuable set of perspectives on each ALI Fellow’s work. ALI Fellows have opportunities to work with undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.
  • The focus is on action — helping ALI Fellows identify and make progress on a promising project with high impact potential.