Selection FAQs

What if I do not know precisely what my area of interest may be?

ALI Fellows are not expected to have a fully developed idea of their post-Fellowship project when they enter the program. Through the Core Course and course audits, ALI Fellows define and develop their post- Fellowship project. Just before the June Field Experience, ALI Fellows are focused explicitly on the development of their projects through independent study, research, or work with student teams.

Will Advanced Leadership Initiative Partners have the same access to program activities?

ALI Partners are invited to attend all Advanced Leadership Initiative sponsored events such as organized dinners, Deep Dives/intensive immersions, and the Core Course (COAL). ALI Partners may also audit an available course, with the instructor's permission. ALI Partners do not present a project, however, many have collaborated with their accompanying ALI Fellow Read more about Will Advanced Leadership Initiative Partners have the same access to program activities?

Does Harvard provide housing while I am a Fellow?

Following an invitation to join the ALI Fellowship, Fellows are connected with Harvard Real Estate Services who have worked closely with previous ALI Fellows to help them find appropriate housing. The cost of housing and living expenses will be borne by the ALI Fellow.

Will there be parking available for ALI Fellows?

For ALI Fellows who may be commuting during periods of their Fellowship, the Advanced Leadership Initiative will provide information on parking options. The cost of parking will be paid by the ALI Fellow.

Will I have a Harvard ID card?

ALI Fellows will be provided with a Harvard identification card to access libraries and many of the resources of the Harvard community. ALI Partners will be provided with a Harvard-affiliated ID, as well.