What to Anticipate When Expressing Interest


1. Initial Review 

Following a careful review of the initial information submitted, the Advanced Leadership Initiative will contact those candidates whose accomplishments indicate a potential match with the nature of the ALI Fellowship and expectations for ALI Fellows. Some candidates will be asked to complete a letter of interest which further describes their interests, aspirations, and motivations for pursuing the ALI Fellowship. A number of candidates will be invited to visit ALI on Harvard's campus, speak with the Advanced Leadership Initiative team, and interview with a member of the Advanced Leadership Initiative Faculty. A faculty interview is required of all finalists for the ALI Fellowship and may be conducted by telephone or video meeting, if the candidate is unable to travel to campus in the desired time frame.

2. Decision Rounds

Each decision round, a group of finalists will have their dossiers presented for consideration by the Faculty Selection Committee. Finalists presented for Committee review are asked to first confirm that they have the ability to accept, fund, and join the ALI Fellowship if invited to do so, and that they meet the high ethical standards of Harvard. Program costs for the ALI Fellowship are comparable to a year of graduate study at a peer institution.

3. Status Update

Following the Faculty's review of dossiers, finalists will be informed of their status, and a number may be invited to become an Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow. Strong candidates may be put on a “hold” status pending the review of the broader pool. A small group of individuals may be placed on a waiting list. Candidates placed on the waiting list will be notified of their status as soon as final information is available, which may occur shortly before the start of the next year's program. The faculty do not grant deferrals to join a future cohort.